​Hammer's Hair Lounge

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​Beard Detail-
​With our clippers/ trimmers we will clean
up  your facial hair.                                                                                                                    $10

​Beard Blow Out-
​With only the use of our amazing beard products
​and our blow dryers we will tame your beard.                                                          $15

​Eyebrow Shaping-
​Clean up the unibrow                                                                                                            $10

​Nose Wax                                                                                                                                     $10

​Ear Wax                                                                                                                                         $10

​Gray Tinting (Color Shading)             
We can blend those grey strands
into your nature color.                                                                                                         $35

Traditional Haircuts

​​The Simple -
Buzz Cut (Up to two guards)                                                                                $12

The Regular -
​Basic Haircut and Style                                                                                            $20

​The Signature- 
Haircut, Steam Towel Massaging Shampoo and Style                            $22

​The Ultimate
Haircut, Steam Towel Massasing Shampoo, Steam Towel Upper Back Massage and Style.                                             $24




Children 15 and under                                                                          $17

Seniors 65 and up                                                                                 $17

Hero's (Police, Fire and Military)                                                        10%                                                                                     
Head Shave
   Straight Blade Shave of the Head or a Skin Fade, Steam        
   Towel Massaging Shampoo, Steam Towel Upper Back Massage         and Style.